DIY Your Own Moon Phase Chart! Check Out Our Favorite Pinterest Ideas


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There’s nothing quite like the moon, a lustrous orb that shines above us each evening. Responsible for the changing tides of the ocean and believed to harness our emotions, behavior, and spirits in a wide variety of ways, it’s no surprise that we as humans have developed an interest in the different phases of the moon.

Especially with the new year, it’s the perfect time to create your own moon phase chart to gain a better understanding of how it’s methodically changing moon affects us. We’re highlighting our favorite DIY moon phase chart ideas below.

What’s a Moon Phase Chart?

A moon phase chart is a simple concept that can bring much insight into these eight repeating cycles. This project will help you to decipher where this orb is amidst its 29 and a half day pattern on any given day with a quick glance. From there, you can further understand what that may mean for your behavior and emotions.

Our Favorite DIY Moon Phase Chart Ideas

Thanks to Pinterest, there’s no shortage of creative ideas surrounding the creation of your chart. Our favorite ideas are easy to create and fun to use!

Bullet Journal Moon Phase Charts

This first idea can be easily made within a notebook or journal, making it portable and convenient. The clean and concise design of this makes it easy to create, too, which is an added bonus.

Start by drawing the different phases of the moon in sequential order  in an arch shape along the top of the page. Underneath, write out the months of the year along the left hand side, then draw out the different phases of the moon throughout the month across the page, noting the corresponding dates. Include a “key” on a separate page to reference until you get the hang of recognizing which phase each moon drawing stands for.

The next Pinterest find that inspires us for this DIY quest also can be done in a journal or notebook, but it has an alternate layout. Start by drawing out the different phases on the first page along the left hand side, labeling each as appropriate to the right of the drawings and providing yourself either a brief explanation of what the phase signifies, some intentions you would like to set for yourself during each phase, or both!

On the adjoining page, turn your journal sideways. Along the vertical axis of the page, list the months. Along the horizontal axis, list days of the week. Where appropriate, draw the corresponding symbols to mark each phase of the moon. On the bottom of the page, include a key.

Moon Phase Chart Calendars

The final idea is one that can double as a decorative piece within your home. Use a chalkboard or paint a wooden board with chalkboard paint, placing it in a decorative frame. On the board, draw out the phases of the moon.  With this idea, you can get creative! Whether you want to draw a full moon phase calendar for the year ahead, recreate one each month, or just draw the general moon phases and their path around the earth for your reference, this charting method is truly up to you!

Understanding the Moon Phases

Getting the information you need to create your chart is easy. Simply utilize a moon phase calculator like this one to find the phase on any given day; you can start your calendar with today’s date, one from the past, or one in the future. Every different moon phase can have a different effect on your day, mood, or future. So it’s important to understand how to harness the energy of each moon phase.

For example, the new moon is all about new beginnings. It’s a great time to start a new job, relationship, or to move. On the other hand, the full moon is one of the most recognized phases of the moon and can make you more connected to your intuitive side.

Moon Phase Jewelry

Once you’ve created your own moon phase chart, another fun way to stay connected to the different phases of the moon is to incorporate it into the way you accessories. Through custom moon phase jewelry, you can be reminded of the moon phases each time you look at your wrist. The moon phase can represent a cherished date, like a birthday or anniversary, or you can have a piece for every moon phase.

The key to creating moon phase charts and wearing moon phase jewelry is to be connect yourself to the greater universe, especially in the new year.

Creating a DIY moon phase chart should be a fun experience. Start 2018 off on the right foot by giving yourself the gift of a better understanding of one of the most powerful forces nature has to offer: the moon.