Full Moon vs. New Moon Jewelry: Which Matches Your Personality?


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Every moon phase holds a unique significance. However, there are two phases that stand out above the rest—the New Moon and the Full Moon. While both phases showcase the moon in its full form, they are not interchangeable phases---and wearing moon jewelry inspired by either of these symbolic phases also holds its own power.

All About the Full Moon

A full moon happens about once a month and each full moon often has a symbolic name attached to it (like Worm Moon or Wolf Moon). Full moons have long been associated with crazy behavior (thus the term ‘looney’ and lunatic) along with the supernatural, like werewolves and witchcraft.

According to the University of Michigan, the full moon symbolizes “maturity and pregnancy.” Individuals born under a full moon may be naturally predisposed to stronger emotions and possess an outgoing demeanor. Full moon jewelry is a perfect match with classic silver and simple chains.

All About the New Moon

While a full moon shines bright in the sky, the new moon is is a hidden moon. The moon is masked by the sun during this phase. A new moon is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Individuals born under a new moon are filled with spiritual energy, they are imaginative and somewhat compulsive. Wearing new moon jewelry captures the influence of this moon phase. Pair your new moon jewelry with a birthstone or wear it within a locket tucked together with your true love’s personalized  lunar phase.

Different Moon Phases For Your Zodiac

Although the full moon and new moon phases are exact opposites of each other—one symbolizing maturity, and the other symbolic of newness and beginnings—their meanings also may change each month. The zodiac also influences the meaning of the moon phases and those born under those phases. A lovelorn Libra born under a full moon may be the very definition of outgoing romantic. But the same sign born under a new moon may possess a unique creativity. How the signs are influenced by the moon differs with interpretation. But many astrologers will note that the moon plays a part of the zodiac.

If you’re choosing a personalized moon phase, you may obviously want to select the phase under which you were born. However, you also can use moon phases to note and celebrate significant moments in your life. Now or in the past. If you feel the pull of the beginning or end lunar phases, you need to select the phase that is truest to your personality. You also can pair a moonphase with a pendant that surrounds the glowing moon with the zodiac...as a nod to both your astrological and lunar influences.

So, Are You More New Moon or Full Moon?

Those who want to influence their creativity should pull inspiration from the dark New Moon. A celebration of one’s emotions may be more inclined toward the full moon. Of course, researching how these phases influence and align with your zodiac sign might also be a good idea, not every sign may be positively affected by a full moon or a new moon.

Each moon phase is unique and holds significance to our spiritual energies. How we choose to celebrate these phases may depend on our birth month, zodiac sign and individuality. The pull of the moon influences each of us differently, and our own birth was directly associated with one particular moon phase. This phase—along with our individual zodiac sign—may influence our personality and emotions. Choose your moon phase carefully to ensure that its glow and pull is right for you.