How to Choose The Perfect Children's Birthstone Necklace


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Put a smile on the face of a special child in your life by gifting them with a beautiful birthstone necklace. Birthstone necklaces from Moonglow are unique in that they not only capture the exact moon phase of a child’s date of birth, but they can also be customized to include the child’s birthstone. As an expression of love for your child, this is an excellent gift idea thatsymbolizes their unique existence in the world.

Birthstone necklaces can be used to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion that has significance and meaning to the child. To help you choose the perfect necklace for your little one, here are some of our best tips on choosing a birthstone necklace today.

Choosing the Right Necklace

Jewelry, especially customizable jewelry, is a very personal gift to deliver. Therefore, it is important to choose only the best birthstone necklace for your child, taking a few things into consideration. Children, as individuals, have their own unique tastes and preferences. So, it will be important to choose a necklace that they would enjoy wearing all the time.  Here are some important questions to consider when choosing the right necklace:

1.   What is the child’s birthstone?

Your child’s birthstone depends on the month they were born. Whether it’s topaz or an emerald, their birthstone can be represented with the stone itself or the same color as the stone. If your child is a little picky about what they like, you don’t have to limit yourself to the child’s birthstone.

Keep in mind that the chosen gemstone for the birthstone necklace does not have to be the exact stone for the child’s birthday—it can be any stone or color that you choose, even the birthstone of a family member or friend. For instance, theMoonlight Apollo Birthstone Necklace comes with Swarovski crystals in a variety of colors to suit any child’s liking. 

2.   What shape or size necklace would tyour child gravitate towards?

For example, would a longer necklace with a small charm or a shorter necklace with a larger charm best fit their personality? 

3.   What type of metal would your child likely wear?

Would they be attracted to silver, pewter, or steel? Also, consider whether or not the child is allergic to certain metals, this can help to narrow down to specific necklace designs.   

4.   What are your child’s passions?

For instance, many little girls are into fashion. If this is the case, a birthstone necklace could be the perfect fashion statement to add to their wardrobe and complement their outfits. TheClassic Birthstone Necklace in Silveris a charming, timeless necklace that can be adorned with any ensemble.

5.        How can you present the necklace in a way that will pique their curiosity?

Is the child enchanted by mythical topics or would they otherwise be intrigued by the magic of the moon and zodiac signs? In this fashion birthstone necklaces can easily appeal to a child’s sense of adventure. Understanding how the child will view the necklace is a great starting point for presenting your gift in only the most meaningful way. TheBirthstone Zodiac Necklace in Stainless Steelfeatures all 12 zodiac signs and can be a learning experience for a child who is interested in understanding more about the significance of the moon and their birth sign.

There is a Perfect Necklace for Your Child

A birthstone necklace is truly an expression of appreciation for your child. No matter the occasion, these necklaces can serve as the perfect reminder of why they mean so much to you. When choosing a birthstone necklace remember to keep in mind thateach child is unique. They will have their own personal preferences for their gift and as such, givers should carefully consider which necklace will be the best fit for the child. Also consider that occasions can be made all the more meaningful when matching necklaces are purchased for siblings, parents, grandparents, and other extended family members alike.

To get started, simply choose your necklace, customize it with your date of choice and then present the gift to your child on their special day. This is a fun present that can create memories and bring a lifetime of joy for the entire household.