How to Pair Healing Crystals with Healing Moon Jewelry


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Healing crystals are a controversial topic; some people swear by them, others swear it’s a bunch of hokum. We’re not here to discuss their effectiveness, but to discuss styling them. Crystals are just gemstones, and go great in jewelry and great with healing moon jewelry too! Whether you’re wearing it to channel their powers, or wearing it to be pretty, here are a few things to know.

What kind of Healing Crystals and Healing Moon Jewelry is out there?

Healing moon jewelry

While just about every kind of gemstone and crystal carries some sort of healing property, but some are definitely more effective and popular than others. Pairing these with your healing moon jewelry is just a matter of mixing and matching colors, the settings of the stones, ect.

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a rose-colored quartz stone that is often associated with love. It can be set as a rough cut rock, or a more delicate and detailed gemstone in a proper setting. If you get the refined cut stone, it’s better in a ring than on a necklace. But if you like the rough cut that has a lot of character you can pair it on the same chain as a healing moon necklace, or get a length of chain that’s drastically different from the healing moon necklace.

The rose quartz is a healer of hearts, helping the wearer with both emotional and physical heart health. Wearing it will help you heal your broken heart faster, and open you up to all the forms love comes in: friend, family, platonic, and romantic.


Fluorite is a special healing crystal, in that it comes in such a wide variety of colors that it is impossible to sum up. Considering that, it’s best to pair it with a more neutral piece of healing moon jewelry. Using Fluorite as a statement making ring is going to be really well balanced with a bit more subtle piece of healing moon jewelry, like a necklace.

While every color of fluorite has a specific purpose, it’s safe to say that generally they’re useful for warding off negative energy, and protecting the wearer from undue stress and negative people. It helps you find spiritual tranquility, and should definitely be washed every night after you wear it, otherwise the negative energy can build up around it and stunt the effects.

Lapis Lazuli

Fluid, and deep blue, lapis lazuli is a beautiful clear blue stone. These stones are bright, bold, and beautiful and deserve to be the featured piece of jewelry. When you pair it with the healing moon jewelry make sure that the lapis lazuli is a bold necklace, and use the healing moon jewelry as an accent piece.

Lapis Lazuli can seem to have a dual purpose, it can help create a sense of clarity in the wearer, but at the same time linking them to the rest of the cosmos. This may seem dual, but the understanding of your own issues and the understanding linked with the universe is all connected.


Is it stone? Is it metal? It’s a stone that looks like metal. It’s a great stone for a masculine style, the complete opposite of the rose-quartz(in style at least.) It’s a great stone for rings, bracelets, and pendants. It doesn’t shine up like a gemstone, but it still qualifies as a healing crystal. More often than not, people slip this into their pocket rather than wear it as jewelry. But don’t underestimate it’s ability to match up with some healing moon jewelry for a great, and healing, statement.

Hematite is great grounding stone; it helps you cope with stress and stressful situations by grounding you against the out of body flights that people who are stressed are prone to. If you’ve got a funeral to go to, or a job interview, and want to be focused and together, hematite is the gemstone for you.


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Jades are unique and beautiful rich green color that’s made this crystal a coveted stone for the history of civilization. It is bright, it pops, it stands out and stands up to being the centerpiece of a healing moon jewelry ensemble without being the necklace. Go bold and get a pair of jade earrings to really frame your face.

And this crystal has a dual purpose, it helps with self-healing and in rebuilding your confidence after a bad decision. It eases away the doubt and the self-degradation. In the physical realm, it helps relieve PMS cramps, and helps cleanse toxins from your body.


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Healing moon jewelry

A few other things about your healing crystals and healing moon jewelry

The golden rule to healing crystals and healing moon jewelry is never to combine more than three at any given time. After that you start to muddy up the healing properties and cancel them out. Or even worse, mixing too much can result in drawing negative energy to you, rather than driving it away.


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There are definitely some that work best together, off this list Lapis Lazuli and the Rose Quartz crystals are great pairs, as well as the Jade and Fluorite. There are dozens of other great combinations, usually in the form of chakra stones and jewelry pieces, and quite often exceptions are made for your birthstones.


And visually, healing crystals are great accents to healing moon jewelry, and regardless of whether or not they live up to their claims of healing, cleansing, protecting, and guiding: these healing crystals and the healing moon jewelry is always a gorgeous accessory.