I Love You to the Moon and Back: 15 Ideas For Your Moon Magic Wedding


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If you love your partner to the moon and back and want the world to know it, why not plan a moon-themed wedding? The celestial influence will provide a classy and elegant backdrop to your special day, while also adding a touch of whimsy. Plus, there’s no better way to say you’re mooning over the one you’re saying “I Do” to than with a lunar wedding of epic proportions.

Here are 15 tips for planning a moon wedding that is truly out of this world:

Celestial Invitations

Let your guests know about your celestial celebration from the moment they first receive your save the dates and invitations.

  1. Save the Dates are typically a little more casual than invitations so pick something more playful that really captures the theme. If you’re sending them in an envelope, consider using moon stickers as a seal. Choose a sparkly paper that has a celestial vibe, whether it’s just shades of navy blue, black, and silver or something more direct like stars and moons. Another fun idea is to spell out your wedding date with a starry font.
  2. Your invites can continue the moon theme -- select a paper design that has a starry night sky backdrop like these beautiful crescent moon designs.

Moon-Inspired Wedding Gown

  1. One beautiful way to include your moon theme in your wedding day is to select a wedding dress that evokes astrology and lunar phases in its design. There are some beautiful Cornish and Welsh influenced designs that included crescent shapes and other astrological symbols in the lace that would make for a stunning custom gown.
  2. Complement this selection with the bridesmaids dresses, selecting colors and designs that suggest your theme. If you want to go all out, pick a bedecked look like this Alexander McQueen piece or another starry look like this.

Lunar Accents

  1. Maybe the thought of a lunar-inspired dress is a little too on the nose for you. Instead, play up your theme with your jewelry and various accents. One beautiful way to do this is via your hairpieces. Suggest the moon and stars with this simple and elegant star-studded arrangement. Or go full glam with bejeweled moon and star clips you can place delicately throughout your hair.

Location, Location, Location

  1. If you want to celebrate the full glory of the moon at your wedding, make sure your wedding is in the evening and somewhere guests can see the moon. Do your research on your venue and where the moon falls in the sky so you can be sure it will shine over your nuptials as guests dance the night away. Check a calendar to match that phases of the moon to your wedding date and plan to get married under the full moon (or whatever you prefer). If you live in an area where it tends to get cool at night, consider finding a venue with a skylight or glass ceiling, so you can hold the event inside and still have a view of the moon.

Desserts that are over the moon

  1. One of the best places to incorporate your moon magic theme? The dessert table. Macarons are a beautiful and tasty accent to any dessert offerings at a wedding, and their circular shape and tendency to be decorated with sparkly dust make them a perfect stand-in for the full moon. They are a lovely celestial cookie for your guests. There are a lot of circular desserts, including donuts, donut holes, cupcakes, and other cookies -- so the sky is truly the limit
  2. Perhaps the most obvious place to incorporate your moon theme is on your cake topper. You could make a moon out of frosting against a dark blue fondant base. But perhaps an easier, more classic option is to design a moon-themed cake topper to place a-top your multi-tiered confection. Moons are a beautiful part of art deco design, so you could easily select one with that vibe. Or go for something more whimsical like a cut-out that says “Love You to the Moon and Back”

Moony decorations and table favors

  1. Wedding party favors are a popular tradition, and this is a lovely way to incorporate your theme. Options range from a bookmark noted with your wedding date and the phases of the moon to a trinket/hanging decoration that says “Love You to the Moon and Back” imprinted with your initials and wedding date. If you really want to go all out, find out the astrological signs and moon phases of each of your guests and leave them a custom horoscope of moon-scope at their place setting.
  2. Want to get married under the moon without actually being under the moon? Craft yourself a lunar arch like this circular one with lights that makes you look like you’re being illuminated by the light of the full moon as you exchange your vows. If you want your entire venue to be bathed in magical moonlight, consider making use of heavy draping with netting and hanging moon lights. It will create an ethereal lunar paradise for you and your guests.
  3. Besides lighting and beautiful canopies, there are simpler ways to incorporate lunar design into your decorations. Consider something as easy as hanging a banner of the moon’s phases or ones that display phrases like “Dancing in the Moonlight,” “Over the Moon,” “Love You to the Moon and Back,” and more.

A Lunar Photo Booth

  1. Photo booths are a popular trend at weddings nowadays, allowing your guests to create special memories for you to treasure that they can also take home to remember their fun evening. Create a lunar photo booth with a moon backdrop for your guests to sit on and play around in their photos. You could design your own or there are also lots of rental companies that offer moon photo booths, including some with a distinct art deco flair.

Light Up Centerpieces

  1. Bathe your guests in (moon)light with some lunar centerpieces. Instead of flowers, arrange light in a geodesic crystal or create a more elegant arrangement of lights in glass jars. No matter how you approach it, it’s the perfect way to bring the magic of the moonlight to your tables.

Moon-Inspired Wedding Rings

  1. Want to bring your moon magic theme into your wedding in small, but significant ways? Highlight your lunar love with moon significant jewelry. You can get wedding rings that are embedded with moon phases relevant to your relationship -- whether it be your wedding date, each other’s birth-dates, or something else entirely. You could also do something as simple as having a crescent moon engraved on your matching wedding bands.

Tarot Card Reader

  1. If you truly want to go all in on a lunar and astrological themed wedding, consider bringing a certified tarot card reader or astrologer to your wedding for your guests to take advantage of. It will give them yet another fun thing to do once the night breaks out into drinking and dancing, and add that extra special something to your nuptials.

With so many beautiful ways to make your wedding even more magical, the only question is which one will you choose?