Make Father's Day Special - No Matter Who You Call Dad


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The role of the father changes throughout a child’s life. As the child grows, the father moves from the caregiver, to the mentor, to the guide, and ultimately to a friend. Our fathers protect us, inspire us and above all believe in us. Their love and commitment keep us going through tough times, and cheer us on through the good.  They preserve tradition and yet find new ways to surprise us. They also come in many forms. A dad doesn’t necessarily need to be the man who shares half your DNA. For many, the person they call dad, is a step dad, a grandfather or even a big brother. There are many unsung heroes that fill this all-important role. It hardly seems fair that we only take one day a year to celebrate all that they mean. Moonglow has some great ways to celebrate Father’s Day with meaningful gifts that recognize and celebrate the special moments in your lives.


For the Dadster Dad

There is no one cooler than your socks-with-sandals, King of the ‘Q, fun-lovin’ Dad. This guy who’s wiped your tears, enjoyed your tea parties and coached your little league deserves a thoughtful and meaningful gift this year. Get your siblings together and order your Dad a classic but a goodie Moonglow moon phase necklace to represent his birthday––a.k.a. the best day ever!––something only the coolest dad could pull off.

The Divorced Dad

You know your parents couldn’t make it together, but your divorced Dad has never missed a visit, a ball game, a dance recital or a school play. He picks up every phone call and has made sure you feel loved and secure despite the situation with Mom. He has never ceased to be your hero and you know he feels the same way about you. Celebrate this stellar guy with Moonglow's Regio Keychain with the moon phase of the date of your birth, so he can always have you with him.

The Step Dad

Sometimes your real Dad has nothing to do with biology and everything to do with love. Many stepdads fill the role of a missing father with an enthusiasm and graciousness that can melt your heart. These extra-special men deserve a gift with sentiment. Why not celebrate your bond with the Walk on the Moon Bracelet from Moonglow customized by the phase of the day he married your Mom.

The Military Dad

Military families learn to celebrate the special days when they can, when Dad is home from duty. These brave fathers have a sworn duty not only to protect their families but to protect their country. They honor, not just their child and their families but the entire nation and deserve a gift that recognizes their commitment and love of family and country. The Lunar Essence Moonglow necklace represents the awesomeness of the military father.

The Grandfather

He raised one family and so many of these wonderful men are raising or helping to raise a second one. Despite being in their twilight years, these grey-haired superheroes have stepped up to fill the role of Dad for their grandchildren when their father is no longer around. At an age when they should be taking it easy, they are driving the carpool, playing catch and running races.  They take on these responsibilities out of love, without a hint of complaint and without a hint of regret.  Moonglow has the perfect gift for your Grandfather Dad, a yin yang Moonglow necklace with moon phases representing the birthdates of two generations.


It is a very special feeling to call someone Dad. The warmth and smiles brought forth by that simple three letter word stays with us our entire lives. It doesn’t matter if you are four or forty, our Dad’s are usually the first ones we turn to for advice and guidance. Celebrate them on Father’s Day but remember them all year long.