Moonglow Classic Necklace


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The Classic Necklace by Moonglow was our first design ever created! It was born with dark soul in the later months of 2003 after our first time introducing it in Quebec. 
It features a shined finish dark black chain that blends beautifully with its gray matte pewter backing under our Moonglow stamp. The center of the piece carries the Moonphase of your choosing that will glow in dark environments. Under your Custom Moonphase lies a dark black Swarovski crystal to blend the masterpiece. Together this necklace shouts, princess with a dark side, a vibrant person who's not afraid to let loose in the world and express their individuality. 
Over the years. This necklace has become our flagship piece and is loved by 1000s around the world. Check out how the fans rock their necklace from east to west. Thanks to all our Moonglow Fans for making this piece what it is today!!  We will keep making designs you love. Every moment has a moon.