Moonglow Jewelry at this year’s America’s Mart!


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Here at Moonglow we’re very excited to announce that we’re going to be at this year’s America’s Mart in Atlanta, GA with everyone!

Being in this marketplace is a big deal for us, so if you’re in the area come find us we’re in building 3, on the 4th floor. Our booth number is #4-328.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with our brand Moonglow jewelry is custom jewelry that celebrates a specific date in your life by wearing the moon phase as it was on that date. Every piece of jewelry is unique and personal, and we love to be a part of our customers stories.

Last August we participated in the NY Now project and won for the best new product. And at America’s Mart we’re going to be highlighting that product and others like it.


We’re also thrilled to announce that we’re doing a special give away for this event. We’re giving away 25 of our favorite and the most fabulous bath bomb we’ve ever seen on the market. These bath bombs are from Moon Body Soul, and are going to be given away completely free of charge to the first 25 people to fill in their paperwork and turn it into us!

The Moon Body Soul bath bombs are entirely natural, and pamper as well as cleanse without any unnatural chemical additives. And the matching moon theme is just icing on the cake!


So if you find yourself in the Atlanta, GA area, come and check out our booth at America’s Mart! If for no other reason than to get the awesome bath bomb.