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"Johnny take a walk with your sister the moon, let her pale light in to fill up your room."
 ~ U2, "Mysterious Ways," Achtung Baby


While sister moon and romance seem forever linked, when the shining disc rises in our dreams it may be symbolic of something beyond love. Moon dreams are believed to reflect hidden and mysterious aspects of ourselves -- emotions, intuitions, creativity and deep stirrings of the soul not otherwise accessed in our conscious mind.

A potent symbol of fertility, within dreams the moon may symbolize the possibility of personal growth. As the moon cycles through its phases, it can reflect how far along we are in the midst of a personal transition. Dreaming of a new moon, crescent, half or full? Whether it’s a sliver of light sent to open a door to a thought or intuition or a full globe heralding a richly creative time in our lives, when the moon beams in our dreams, she’s undoubtedly asking us to pay attention.

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Many thanks to these moon lovers for lighting up our holidays at Moonglow!

Ina Invan Win - "I was so touched with my gift from Moonglow. I absolutely love my necklace! It is a treasure!"

I was so touched with my gift from Moonglow. I absolutely love my necklace! It is a treasure!

Melissa Loderstedt Timpson
- "I had never heard of Moonglow Jewlery before until my father and stepmother gave me a moon from the day my son was born. What an amazing piece of jewelry. Thank you!!!!"

Liz Forrest - "Beautiful and unique gift from my sister.....a necklace made in Montreal by a company called Moonglow Jewelry. The picture of the moon on this beautiful piece shows what phase of the moon I was born under.....and it glows in the dark! "The first quarter is a phase for growth. These days are for the dreamers, turning ideas into reality. A chance to build, create, overcome old struggles. Those born under the influence of the first quarter are intuitive, quiet and introverted-the creative and imaginative dreamers. Easy to live with and appreciated by others, they are seen as stable, skillful, curious, shrewd, witty, diplomatic and careful....especially with money."

Misty Montgomery‎ - "My birthday gift from my daughter. So in love with this."


Moonglow's Moonstock Bracelet



January’s the month of the Full Wolf Moon.
According to Old Farmer’s Almanac,
wolves howling at the moon have
appeared in folk lore for centuries.
As seen in German, Scandinavian and Native
American mythology whose tribes first spoke
of the Wolf Moon when wolves would
howl in hunger outside their villages.




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