Our top 5 Moon Necklaces


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Jewelry that tells a story has been increasingly popular with brands like Alex and Ani and Pandora. We are all unique in our ways and this type of personalized jewelry distinguishes us from the rest because not too many people have the same charms or the same beads in a world where we all seem to have the same shoes and same cell phones everywhere you look. 
I love people who have character, who aren’t afraid to express their individuality in what they wear and how they act. Moon necklaces and unique handmade jewelry pieces are something that's appealing because they’re different and its not something you see everywhere or something that's mass- produced. 
Moonglow moon necklaces have an image of the moonphase of any specific date of significance to you. Most people wear their birth moon, but I’ve seen people wear the moon of the day they became sober, the day someone past away or the day something positive happened in their life such as a child. I wear the moon necklace of my moms passing as it reminds me of her, I don’t have to talk about the necklace significance when someone asks me about it, but I know when I look down at my Moonglow moon necklace what it means. 
The moon is something special and very intriguing, it changes tides and it's the closest thing to us that we can clearly see in the universe. To me Moonglow moon necklaces also remind me of how special we are to be here on earth. Let’s face it; the world is a beautiful place. 
Having sold Moonglow in events for several years now to thousands of people across the world on a one to one basis. I have heard many touching stories, people constantly asking different dates to see what moonphase they could be and to hopefully put the pieces to the puzzle together or to check compatibility's with other humans and make sense of it all. When two people are both born on half moons and together they make a full moon necklace, its definitely romantic but is it just confidence or do your think that they are meant to be together. I think they are meant to be together. Below are our top 5 moon necklaces.