Out of Gift Ideas? Try A Custom Birthstone Necklace For Moms


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Holiday shopping is meant to be a fun experience for all, but it can all too often end up being a chore. Especially if you’re not sure what to get the recipients on your shopping list, you may end up scrounging around the stores at the mall, waiting in long lines, and wracking your brain to think of the best possible gift to match your loved ones’ tastes.

In particular, shopping for moms can be tough to do. Whether yours already has it all, is particular about her style, or if you feel like you’ve gotten her everything under the sun already—there’s always one reason or another that makes crossing her off of your list somewhat of a challenge.

Luckily, we have this year’s perfect gift for Mom ready for your review! A custom birthstone necklace is a great way to make mom feel special, and to give her something that she doesn’t already have but is sure to love. Keep reading to learn why this is the perfect gift to give to one of the most important people on your list.

Personal Touch

Birthstone necklaces are the perfect way to give a gift that boasts a personal touch. While gift cards, candles, and other commonly gifted items are sometimes predictable and generic, something customized for mom will grab her attention out of everything under the tree. Personalizing a necklace with a specific birthstone that means something to your mom will show her that you went out of your way to handpick a present made just for her!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for a new mom, a mom that has morphed into your best friend over the years, or even for a grandmother, it goes without saying that it’d be meaningful to her for you to highlight her birthstone or that of someone important to her! This Moonglow Classic Birthstone Necklace makes a simple statement that brings the personalization factor to  the next level as it allows you to choose a moonphase to commemorate a momentous date in addition to choosing a special birthstone.

Custom Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Classic Birthstone Necklace in Pewter by Moonglow

Touch of Flair

Another reason to gift your mom a custom birthstone necklace this holiday season is because it will give her the style she craves! Not only is a birthstone necklace a great way to add some flair to any outfit or signature style, but it’s something that is versatile enough to be a solid addition to one’s everyday look. A birthstone necklace will provide a touch of sparkle, and everyone can always use another accessory, so it’s sure to be a hit with your mom this holiday!

Allow this special lady in your life to make a statement with this Moonlight Apollo Birthstone necklace. The ring of stones make for something alluring while the moon phase center is not only visually appealing but is a great way to highlight a special moment in time.

Custom Birthstone Necklace For Mom

Moonlight Apollo Birthstone Necklace by Moonglow

A Gift That’s Sentimental

The last reason that a custom birthstone necklace is a great gift for mom is due to the fact that it will hold sentimental value. Since these necklaces highlight someone special’s birthstone, this will be a gift held close to any mom’s heart for many holidays to come. Spotlight the birth of a baby with this great gift for a new mom or let the necklace be a reminder of your mom’s own birthday. Whatever special meaning the necklace you choose to gift holds, it’ll be a meaningful addition to her jewelry box that she’s sure to adore.

Give your mom a gift that she’ll always remember this holiday season by thinking inside the jewelry box! She’ll love wearing this special piece time after time and you’ll be able to cross her off your shopping list with ease when you choose a perfectly suited custom birthstone necklace for her this holiday.