5 Reasons Custom Sun and Moon Bracelets Are a Great Holiday Gift


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You want your holiday gift to be a slam dunk. You want your gift to be used often and treasured forever. You want to be thought of lovingly every time your gift is used. Sometimes it feels like finding the perfect gift can be impossible to find, but maybe that’s because you haven’t looked into gifting your loved one with a custom sun and moon bracelet. Why do these bracelet’s make a great holiday gift?

Reason #1: Fashionable

Custom jewelry can look great on anyone, at any time, for any occasion. A sun and moon charm can be worn on a bangle with casual dress or on a silver chain for a more sophisticated occasion. It can be worn to add a bit of pop to a fancy black dress or blend in with a relaxed pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Reason #2: Personal

The moon is symbolic of love, health and marriage. It presents a perfect opportunity to provide a loved one with a memento of an important life event or show someone that you truly understand them. You can personalize the gift to reflect a person’s preferences such as style or birthday with a birthstone. Customizable sun and moon bracelets ensure that any gift you give will be handcrafted and unique to your specific loved one.

Reason #3: Memorable

When you give someone a custom sun and moon bracelet, they will alway remember who gave it to them because it is a special and unique present. They will know that the gift was hand made especially for them and that no one else has a bracelet exactly the same.

When customizing the bracelet you can choose exactly which phase or phases of the moon that you would like to be displayed on the bracelet charm. You can use a moon phase calculator to find out what phase the moon was in during a very important event in your relationship. Was there a new moon during your engagement? Then customize your sun and moon bracelet with a new moon to always remember your engagement. Was someone born on a full moon? Always remember their birthday by personalizing their jewelry with a full moon and maybe their birthstone too.

Moonglow Birthstone Moon Bracelet

Reason #4: Timeless

The sun and moon has been represented in jewelry as long as jewelry has been worn. They are beautiful celestial bodies that dominate our sky and will continue to do so as long as people inhabit the earth. You don’t want a gift that will be forgotten and stored in someone’s closet. Custom sun and moon jewelry never goes out of style, so your loved one will be able to enjoy their gift now and for years to come.

Reason #5: Great conversation starter

When you wear sun and moon bracelets, people are bound to notice them. When they comment on your jewelry, that is a great way to start a conversation about something that is important to you. For example, if your bracelet is representative of your anniversary with a significant other, the bracelet is a great way to start a conversation about your relationship.

Custom sun and moon bracelets are a great holiday gift because they are so fashionable and versatile. The fact that it is a customizable handmade piece of jewelry makes it special and unique as well. If you are looking for a holiday gift that your loved one will treasure and wear for a long time, a custom sun and moon bracelet is a great option.