3 Reasons to Buy a Birthstone Necklace for Mom


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If you’re looking for something special to give mom for her birthday this year, think big - she deserves it. After all, she brought you into this world, and if you could give her the world, you would, right? Then you should consider getting a birthstone necklace for mom.

To inspire your gift, look up at the stars in the sky and down at the ground beneath your feet. The elements all around you are the perfect way to show mom some love. The minerals of the earth can be very meaningful adornments that your mom will cherish and wear for years to come, and birthstones the most beautiful and meaningful set of minerals available in jewelry.

Just as each of us is born under a certain arrangement of stars in the sky, the birthstone tradition matches the month in which we are born with a certain special mineral. The belief in birthstones has a rich history going back centuries. So when you give mom a birthstone necklace, you’re giving her something truly timeless.

Let’s take a look at the top three reasons to get a birthstone necklace for mom.

A Birthstone Necklace is a Personalized Gift

Don’t just get mom any old thing. A birthstone necklace shows you put some thought into your mom’s birthday present. Each month has a beautiful stone associated with its placement in the calendar:

birthstone necklace for mom

Choose the stone that corresponds to the month in which your mom was born. Then take a look at necklace options that incorporate her birthstone. Try to find a piece that fits her taste and is personal to her.

Remember that birthstones carry with them a wealth of meaning from their long history as symbolic amulets. It may be especially fitting to give your mom a birthstone necklace if the stone is said to have effects that could helpful in her life.

For example, January is the month of garnet, a stone that is the thought to keep the wearer safe during travel. So if your mom is born in January and has a big trip coming up, a garnet necklace would be a perfect gift for her.

A Birthstone Necklace for Mom can Reflect Her Personality

Birthstones can reflect the personalities of those who were born in the corresponding month. Emerald is the jewel for May births, and it’s strongly linked to love, beauty, and rebirth.

People born under the emerald birthstone are often those who bring together family, friends, and even strangers in celebration or to solve conflict. Emeralds are connected with creativity and dreams. If any of this sounds like your mom, an emerald necklace may be the perfect gift for her.

On other hand, if your mom is an October baby, her birthstone is opal. Those born under the opal birthstone can be attracted to relaxed, quiet settings but they also get restless easily. They also tend to be deeply intuitive.

These are the kind of ideas you can share with her mom so she knows the meaning of the necklace and the thought involved in seeking it out for her.

birthstone necklace for mom



Distinctive and Beautiful: The Birthstone Difference


From June’s pearl to December’s turquoise, birthstones are all examples of nature’s beauty expressed in resplendent minerals. If you’re considering the gift of jewelry for your mom, each birthstone has uniquely attractive aesthetic qualities, on top of their deeper significance.

But while there are many precious stones that look gorgeous on a necklace, not every jewel has meaning beyond its visual appearance. Birthstones are different because they combine dazzling aesthetics with a deeper meaning. A birthstone necklace for mom makes an excellent gift because they look great and they connect with your mom’s specific personality and life goals.