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“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are
footprints on the moon.”  -Anonymous


Apollo 11, July 20, 1969


For all of you dreamers out there, and you know who you are, be sure to set your sights on the full moon this week on November 25th. Long thought to be a time of opportunity and enlightenment by spiritual practitioners, use the full moon’s magnifying effects to illuminate your best intentions. Maybe it’s a new romance, an exotic adventure, getting your book published or simply enjoying a peaceful holiday season with family and friends, share your silent wish with the moon and see what happens. For full moon babies born under its optimum power, it’s believed you can expect an added boost of clarity from your lunar champion.

The epitome of zen, the full moon invites us to be still and reflect on her perfect beauty, complete and fully conscious. To mirror this reflective energy, Moonglow is happy to present The Reflection Collection -- just in time to bedeck and bedazzle you!

Designed by Moonglow artisan Luc Rouleau, the collection is edgy yet elegant and crafted in stainless steel for a smooth, luxe look and feel. You’ll love the reflective finish on every piece that captivates the eye while capturing that personal moon that means so much. We hope our new collection inspires you as you have inspired us and are especially excited to offer it to you at the Holidays -- the perfect time for reflection!  



SHOOT THE MOON WITH US   We love hearing your comments and stories! 

 Full moon baby Jen Grare shared this with us on FB - “Just got mine today at comic con and I found out that I was born on a full moon.”


 Happy to give and receive.... Alexis Shaw comments -

 “Received my Moonglow order yesterday and wanted to share my enthusiasm and pleasure upon open the boxes. I picked up the Intermingle bracelet for my girlfriend, the Mooncross for myself and received the Silver Crescent as a thank you for spending over $100.00 from Moonglow Jewelry. All pieces celebrate an important day with individual moon phase for each day. Very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of each piece. I'm certain I will be returning to purchase again and again! Thank you”

 Kim Anderson shares her once-in-a-blue moon memory - “Moonglow Jewelry is such a fun and unique gift to give to a family member, friend or yourself. You can probably imagine how excited I was to find out I was born under a blue moon. "Once in a blue moon" I really enjoyed seeing the different Moon Phase's of loves ones. I bought my first one a couple years ago and I'm purchasing #2 today. When I need a gift in the future? Moonglow jewelry will be my one stop shop. I LOVE mine!” ~Kim~

Reflect your eye for style with a very personal gift from Moonglow. Each purchase will enter your name into our HOLIDAY MOONGLOW contest offering our moon lovers a $100 gift certificate toward their next purchase, including our latest designs in The Reflection Collection.


The moon is always grey but looks white as it reflects the light of the sun, and at certain times of the year may look red, orange or even blue. Like the low-hanging Harvest Moon that appears very large and orange, its color is effected by its placement in the sky and particles in the air -- like dust, smoke, smog and humidity. What we see is a reflection of light from the sun being filtered through these particles. In the fall when the moon is closer to the horizon, many farmers harvest their crops and the dust from the tended soil swirls up into the atmosphere causing the moon to appear orange, hence the name “Harvest Moon


 Drawn to the moon’s feminine allure? Body art offers an amazing array of designs to visually express your inner moon goddess.

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Photography by Julia Trotti.