Summer Birthstone Jewelry


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I love birthstone jewelry, it's a great way to express your individuality. When we first launched our Custom Classic Necklace with birthstone, we sold out within a week. We didn't expect it. Nice surprise indeed. The way Moonglow Birthstone Necklaces work is you first choose the date being your birthday, anniversary or any special day, for me, it's the day I started my own company and basically quit my job, woo hoo! I was wanting to do that forever. Then you go on to pick your birthstone, it could be yours or someone else's if you wish or if they have deserved it ;-). Together you have a necklace with the moon exactly as it was in the sky that night along with your glimmering birthstone at the bottom, the phase you were born on says a lot about you in this huge universe. For all you late night owls such as myself, well not always but sometimes, the moon will glow a bright green color when exposed to light then placed in a dark environment. If it's not that dark, you can hold up your cell phone light to it for 10 seconds to see it brighten up your day! "I just made that one up, not bad right? Your necklace will be shining like a bright moon in the Canadian sky! I'm from Canada that's why I said that lol. But honestly looks really really cool. 


Moonglow Birthstone Necklaces make amazing gifts like this waining crescent with a November Birthstone that will make the person on the receiving end go Ahhh and they might kiss you. 



This beautiful woman is wearing her birth moon along with an April birthstone at the bottom. We made the New moon blue in case you're wondering. Yes, it does look pretty impressive in real life with that blue moon glowing.



Each Moonglow Birthstone Necklace or any piece from our company will come packaged along with a Moonphase personality trait card. If it's a gift, the person receiving it will understand exactly how special Moonglow is. If it's for yourself, it's possible that you will now know why you need coffee before talking to anyone in the morning, just kidding, but the cards are very educational to read about ourselves as the moon has a large impact on our everyday lives.


Are you a full moon baby? Find out from our Moonglow Calculator. In the picture above, she has a full Moon which I think is her anniversary date along with an August Birthstone. 



There's something mystical about the full moon and a August birthsone.