The Meaning Behind an April Birthstone Necklace


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Diamonds are the rarest gemstone, and this makes the diamond incredibly meaningful…and expensive! As the main centerpiece for engagement rings, a diamond is symbolic of love. Their rarity, precious value and beauty, however, also have given them a prominent place in royal vaults across the globe. The diamond also holds court as the birthstone for the month of April…so use the dazzling diamond to decorate a April birthstone necklace!

Some of the largest diamonds in the world—the Cullinan Diamonds— are part of Queen Elizabeth II’s crown jewels. The Cullinan I (known as the Star of Africa)—weighing in at 530.2 carats—sits in the Royal Sceptre. The Cullinan II (317.4 carats) accents the Imperial State Crown.

Diamonds accent tiaras and bracelets and also bear their own legends and legacies. The Hope Diamond is rumored to be cursed by Hindu priests, as it was allegedly stolen from a Hindu statue. The victim list of the Hope Diamond is numerous and includes Marie Antoinette and the heiress who owned The Washington Post. According to Mental Floss, even the mailman who delivered the diamond to The Smithsonian was a victim of the curse!

While diamonds hold mystery, beauty and, yes, even represent love, their symbolism to those born into their reign is unique to the individual. An April birthstone necklace may be worn with a diamond to symbolize the birth month, as a good luck charm or even to draw inspiration from the properties of the gemstone.

According to the American Gem Society, the tradition of birthstones is pulled from the Bible. The 12 gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate were symbolic of the 12 Tribes of Israel…and the gems then became the symbol for the twelve months of the year. While the breastplate showcased all 12 gems, April birthday celebrants can design their April birthstone necklace with the diamond as the centerpiece or as a sleek accent.

A Drop of Diamonds

Design a diamond April birthstone necklace with a customized moon phase pendant for a dual meaning. Choose the moonphase of your birthdate or another meaningful moment. The Birthstone Layered Mirror Necklace features two joined chains—one holds a sparkling April stone, the other showcases your personalized moonphase.

Diamond Halo

Encircle a pendant with a halo of white diamonds to create a shower of fire for an extraordinary April birthstone necklace. Choose a glowing moonphase that holds meaning and then emphasize the moon’s pull with the allure of diamonds. The Apollo Birthstone necklace features a sparkling star-like halo of diamonds surrounding the moon.

An April Birthstone Accent

Your birthstone necklace doesn’t have to feature a large diamond. Use a tiny diamond as an accent on another charm, like our Classic Birthstone Necklace. Choose either pewter or silver as the setting for your statement necklace.

Go Separate and Solitaire

You also can pair a separate solitaire diamond necklace with any of your favorite pendants…including a personalized moon phase pendant! Diamonds are the perfect neutral accessory, and the play well with every piece of jewelry. Choose any size and shape of diamond and let the pendant hit near the base of your throat. Layer other necklaces with this special piece as the backdrop.

While diamonds hold a personal meaning for those born in the month of April, anyone can design a custom necklace with this precious gemstone. Diamonds are rare, beautiful and the ultimate symbol of love. So celebrate you with nature’s most divine and classic jewel!