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As if you were on fire from within,
the moon lives in the lining of your skin. - Pablo Neruda



When the moon is full and bright in the sky, it’s believed a symbolic ‘illumination’ occurs in our own lives. Feelings stir and emotions explode into our consciousness. We can no longer contain the fire within us and it’s time to let things out. But taking care when expressing ourselves is a good idea since what might come out may not be entirely rational. Better to let this primal energy light our creative fire and make art, music, love or anything that moves us while giving ourselves the time to make sense of what we’re really feeling.

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Heather Tefft - "Moon glowing with my 10-year wedding anniversary moon."      heather_0_0_0.jpg

Kim20Go_0.jpg  "7/7/2016: our 15th wedding anniversary. We had plans to go to Tuscany and sit under a Tuscan moon. The night he died... He was near the window, bathed in the moonlight of a full moon. So, when I see the moon, it is a constant reminder of his amazing spirit and our eternal love." - Kim Go

"3-22-50 - the day I was born. I already have a beautiful moon glow necklace for the date my husband and I met. I think it would be nice to have one for my birthdate !!!"   - Judy Oberg

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 Every Moonglow pendant, necklace or bracelet has a mystique, message and personal significance. Designed to honor your memorable earthly moments --like a birthday, anniversary, engagement or your wedding day -- each artisan-crafted charm captures the light of the sun by day to illuminate in darkness --creating a soft soulful glow that’s sure to be a conversation starter.



JOELLEN, style, travel and music chronicler, featured Moonglow’s Moon Rise Ring on her blog: JOELLENLOVE.COM
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Artists ongoing interest in the drama of the night sky is the focus of Into the Night: Modern and Contemporary art and the Nocturne Tradition, opening February 27 - July 10, 2016 at the Tucson Museum of Art (TMA).



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