This is the Month of the Supermoon!


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November 2016 will truly be the month of the Supermoon!  There have been and will be other Supermoons, but this month is an astronomical occurrence that is only going to happen a couple times in your life.

On November 14th we will experience 2016's closest SUPERMOON of the year.  Not only will this be the biggest, closest, and brightest supermoon of the year; it will also be the closest the Earth is to the Moon since 1948!  We are not going to experience another moon display like this until 2034!

In North America, the moon will be at its fullest in the morning hours before sunrise of the 14th.  That being said it will be beautiful and full both the night of the 13th and 14th.

Know to astronomers as a Perigree Moon, we just think of it as an Ultra Superific Moon!