What a November Birthstone Necklace Says About You


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The sky blue topaz and the bright sunny citrine channel celestial splendor as the birthstones of November. According to the American Gemological Society (AGS), these two gemstonesembody calming energy and good fortune. Citrine and Topaz also are quite budget friendly, so add them freely to November birthstone necklaces.

While topaz and citrine hold special meaning for those with birthdays in November, these stones also create memorable charms and pops of color to represent a child, friend, sister or other loved one born in this month. Create a family birthstone necklace with each child’s stone, your personal birthstone and the stone that represents your spouse.  Or pair up the birthstones of your best friends and then add their moon phases to the necklace.

If you’re celebrating your November birth month, embrace the individual symbols that represent November for a dynamic necklace. Create a November birthstone necklace using one (or both) gemstones, a November moon phase charm, and your zodiac symbol for a personalized statement piece.

As you design a November birthstone necklaces, remember that you don’t have to choose between citrine and topaz. Pairing these two colors together combine the soothing blue vibrancy of the sky with the warm glow of the sun. These gemstones play well together and look amazing when set next to each other.

About Citrine

Classic Birthstone Necace in Pewter

As every gemstone holds energy, each one is unique. According to the Crystal Vault, citrine can protect against a broken heart and helps soothe family discord. The Crystal Vault also warns that citrine has been known to flare up quick tempers…so don’t grab this stone if you’re quick to anger! And, according to The Healing Chest, that warm citrine might have been one of the gemstone adornments found on Aaron’s breastplate in the Bible. Citrine also has graced the heads of royalty and is the primary gemstone used in a tiara worn by Luxembourg royalty.

According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the warm glow of citrine is the result of iron found within the gemstone. The GIA also notes that citrine is rare…and today’s citrine is typically amethyst treated with heat (to channel a yellow hue). However, natural citrine may still be found.

About Topaz

The gemstone topaz is typically shown as a blue stone, but it also may be found in a range of hues (including pink!). And that familiar blue color? Again, according to the GIA,it’s often the end result of colorless topaz subjected to heat treatment. However, blue topaz is naturally occurring.  

Many gem experts—including the GIA—state that topaz was associated with strength by the ancient Greeks. The stone also was treasured in India,where it was often worn over the heart. While those born in November may choose the traditional blue topaz, there are an array of colors of topaz that can capture individual personalities and preferences.

Designing a November birthstone necklace should include the inclusion of one or both of November’s cherished gemstones—topaz and citrine. These stones can be paired together in their traditional yellow and blue varieties to create a stunning statement necklace. For a celestial nod to this birth month, choose sky blue topaz and warm sunny citrine and add a moon phase pendant for the perfect celebration of the moon, sun and sky.