What Moon Phase is it Today? How Will it Interact With My Lunar Personality?


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You’re born into the world beneath the same sky everyone else has been born under. It’s one of the great equalizers of the world, no matter what country we’re born in, we’re born on the same planet, and under the same sun and moon. That’s a bit beautiful to think about isn’t it? We’re all earthlings, and we’re all made of stardust.

Also, everyone has a lunar personality, just like everyone has a zodiac sign that aligns with their birthday. Your lunar personality is determined by the moon phase it was on the day of your birth. Even if you were born in broad daylight, the moon still affects your personality.

There are 8 lunar personalities, which are based on the 8 major moon phases. What moon phase is it today? Let's take a look:

What Moon Phase is it Today: What are the moonphases?

what moon phase is it today

The Moon emits no light of its own, what we see is simply the light from the sun being reflected back towards Earth like a giant mirror. The moon phases are what happen when the moon moves around the Earth and we see different shapes as the Sun casts a shadow on part of it instead of reflecting it back at us.

When the Earth is between the sun and the moon we’re able to see the full reflection of the full moon phase. Then fourteen days later the moon will be between the earth and sun, we’ll only see the shadow of the moon that is the new moon phase. (It’s called the new moon because it’s the start of a new moon phase cycle.)

The other moon phases are (in order, starting from the end of the new moon phase):

  • Waxing crescent phase
  • First quarter phase
  • Waxing gibbous phase
  • Full moon phase
  • Waning gibbous phase
  • Third quarter phase
  • Waning crescent phase

Then we loop around back to the new moon phase and the moon phase calendar begins all over again.

The entire cycle takes approximately 28-29 days, and generally there is only one per month. That phrase “once in a blue moon” refers to when there’s an extra full moon in a calendar month. And there is an actual way to predict how often they’ll be. So next time someone says “oh…once in a blue moon…” you can reference an actual time frame. Read about that in this link here!

What does each phase mean?

While there are several interpretations for each phase and the particular meaning it has behind it. As far as it’s influence there is a general consensus that when you start a project it is best to begin at the new moon phase. We’ve talked about that quite a bit in previous posts, and you can read about the moon phase meanings and calendar here.

What Moon Phase is it Today? : What are the lunar personalities?

what moon phase is it today

AS we said already, your lunar personality is determined by the moon phase that it was on the day of your birth. And we talked a lot last week about the lunar personalities and how which moon phase you were born under affects your personality. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and click here, and give that a quick read before we move on.

For convenience sake, here’s a super brief overview of which lunar personality is like:

  • New moon phase– the Gardener, the planter, the grower
  • Waxing crescent phase – the bullheaded stubborn one
  • The first quarter phase – the rebel with a cause
  • The Waxing Gibbous phase – the healer, the nurse and repair technician
  • The Full Moon Phase - The expressive one, the artist
  • The Waning Gibbous phase – The teacher, educator, moralist
  • The Third Quarter phase – the Understanding one, the listener, and interpreter
  • The Waning Crescent phase – The thinker, the philosopher,

These are incredibly truncated, and simplified, and while there are lots of other ways to interpret these personality traits…these would make a great basis to a D&D campaign.

What Moon Phase is it Today? And how will it affect my lunar personality?

The general pattern of the moon phase calendar is one of growth and closure. And everyone will experience that cycle differently, but there are some generalities that we can make based on your lunar personality.

Today’s moon phase is the Waning Gibbous, it’s a time of reflection, closing up projects and enjoying your success. Here’s how each personality can make the most out of this moon phase:

  • New Moon, “The Gardener”
    • Enjoy the fruits of your labors. Your garden is flourishing, so relax, and give yourself credit for all your work.
  • Waxing Crescent, “The Stubborn”
    • It. Go. The move from the full moon phase to the waning phases is a great time to put all the drama and b.s. that’s accumulated behind you.
  • First Quarter, “The Rebel”
    • Look back and carefully reflect on everything you’ve done this month. Everything you’ve fought for, everything you’ve fought against.
  • Waxing Gibbous “The healer”
    • The first half of this month will have been tumultuous and nerve wracking for you and everyone. This moon phase is your time to shine!
  • Full Moon “The artist”
    • Chances are you just finished a big project. Now is the time to stare at it. Hard. A lot. Hang it up in a well used room and look at it every day. You might stare at it so hard you end up hating it, but in the end you’ll learn from it and be better off.
  • Waning Gibbous, the teacher
    • Rest, relax, and give reflection to the lessons you’ve inspired. And since the teacher personality has a talent for writing as a way of expressing their lessons, this will be a good time to edit any neglected drafts.
  • Third Quarter, The listener
    • Listen to the things the world is telling you. This is a time for reflection, and if you open your ears and listen to what it has to say, you’ll know what it all means.
  • Waning Crescent, the philosopher
    • You’re already in your head more than enough as it is, use this phase to step outside of yourself and get a fresh new look at things. Maybe it’ll unlock the answer to that puzzle that’s been taunting you for so long.


This brings us back around to the new moon phase, so we’ll leave it off there. Remember everyone, take stock of where you are and what you’ve accomplished in the first part of this lunar month. Organize your thoughts, and deal with the unnecessary baggage of your life before the new moon on the fifteenth!