What an October Birthstone Necklace Says About You


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For those who are about to celebrate a birthday in the month of October, why not celebrate it with style? A fashionable October birthstone necklace can help you do just that! October’s birthstone, tourmaline, is a special gemstone that holds so much significance and meaning for the wearer. As Earth’s most colorful mineral, tourmaline is a truly unique item that is the perfect fit for a personalized birthstone necklace. Here is want wearing such a symbolic stone and statement necklace says about you!

What You Should Know About Tourmaline

Tourmaline, October’s birthstone, is a stone that comes in many shades and colors. The word “tourmaline” is a derivative of the Sinhalese word “tura mali” which translates into “stone of mixed colors”. This is because tourmaline captures every shade of the rainbow. It is even said, according to legend, that the tourmaline gemstone arrived on Earth by way of rainbows—that is just how colorful this wonderful gem stone truly is!

October birthstone necklace

Some of the top tourmaline color options include: schoral (black tourmaline), dravite (brown tourmaline), elbaite (includes rubellite or red tourmaline), indicolite or blue tourmaline, verdelite or green tourmaline, paraba tourmaline (which ranges from purple to greenish blue), parti-colored tourmaline (multi-colored), and the rarest type, achroite, which is a colorless tourmaline. These different color variations will depend on the many trace elements that are present within this beautiful stone. As such, there should be no worries about having to commit to one specific color of tourmaline. Just know that if you were born in the month of October, you can choose the best type of tourmaline to match your personality with ease.

Why an October Birthstone Necklace?

Birthstones are symbolic of your connection to self. In ancient times, birthstones were said to bring luck, healing, and good fortune to the wearer. Today, wearing a birthstone can make these same spiritual connections as they hold special meaning that connects you directly with your unique month, date, time of birth, and zodiac sign. In this manner, the tradition of wearing a birthstone is a highly empowering experience. This is why for those who were born in the month of October, having a tourmaline birthstone necklace can make you feel even more special on your big day. In short, tourmaline, as an intense, highly desirable gem stone, helps to align the wearer with a deeper sense of self.

Aclassic birthstone necklace says that you are in tune with the importance of your birth date and you want to share this significance with the world. Similarly, an exquisitebirthstone zodiac necklace that has the added customization option of choosing the original phase of the moon from your birth date makes this piece of jewelry even more meaningful.

What’s more is that birthstone necklaces can make a charming addition to any jewelry collection and can make a great fashion statement that enhances your personal style. As an eye-catching precious stone, tourmaline also has one other unique quality—it exhibits magnetic properties when it is heated, making it an exceptional and one-of-a-kind stone—just like it’s wearer!