Why she’ll love custom moon earrings in silver for your Anniversary!


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Birthdays and Christmas are hard to forget. Especially when every birthday highlighted green on the family calendar, complete with illustrated balloon stickers and glitter. But anniversaries? Well, they’re a horse of a different color, even though anniversaries are just as important (maybe more important) than her birthday. Why? Because your anniversary is like the birthday for your relationship. And that is an occasion that requires some major effort.

So plan an event, pick a place for dinner, and top it all off with a pair of custom moon earrings in silver for her.


Learn how to mix and match moon earrings in silver with formalwear!

Why give the gift of moon earrings in silver?

Earrings as a rule make great anniversary gifts. Moon earrings in silver especially. They’re personal enough to be a gift from a significant other, as earrings are an oddly intimate present. A necklace or bracelet can be from mom and dad, or siblings, just as easily as from their significant other.

Bracelets and necklaces are great and all don’t get me wrong, but moon earrings in silver require a special level of attention to personal style and preference that is often lost on other people. A necklace is the right choice more often than not, for more people than you’d expect, so take the leap and make the choice of a custom moon earring in silver.

Silver too is a very flattering material that will accent nearly any outfit, and find a place in any wardrobe.


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And the customized moon aspect shows that you put a lot of thought and care into the gift you’re about to give. Picking out a special day and the corresponding moon phase is a great way to share your love and prove that you’re paying attention. “It’s the thought that counts” is a great concept, but let’s be real, the thought counts for more when you think up something good to share.


Looking for a few examples? Check out these special pieces by Moonglow!

Silver Moon Phase Earrings by Moonglow

These are classic, classy, delicate, and a perfect anniversary gift for her. They’ve got the timeless look that goes well with a fancy dinner, and her t-shirt and jeans.

Each moon on the moon phase earring is customizable, so you can do different phases on each ear. Though personally, I’d want them to match, but that’s just me. Simply plug in the date from your first date together into the calendar, and repeat for the other ear. Or, mix it up with the second earring and plug in the date that you’re giving it to her. Just because it’s the same date of the year doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the same moon phase.


Learn more about the moons you’re putting on the moon earrings in silver with this easy to use guide to the moon phases!


These earrings are great for the ladies who love the dangly earrings, and with how well reviewed they are, it would be a definite shame not to get them for your significant other for your anniversary.



These are definitely the more casual of the pairs here. They are absolutely stunning and have the individually customizable moons, but they’re more low-key than the “dangly” earrings from before. But don’t underestimate the style punch these can give to your significant other on your anniversary.


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These moon earrings in silver are incredibly well reviewed, and are the epitome of the perfect gift for your anniversary. She’s guaranteed to love them and wear them all the time. Getting here these earrings will leave her without a doubt of your feelings for her, about her, and the time you’ve spent together.


Each of the moons in these moon earrings in silver are customizable, and as true to the “moonglow” name as can be, if she wears them during the day, or leaves them by the windowsill at home, they’ll glow in the dark. That’s the “glow” part of “moonglow” !


Moonglow carries more than just earrings, they’ve got a full selection of custom moon jewelry from earrings to necklaces, and even great gifts for men like cufflinks and more! Visit their website by clicking here, and follow them on Instagram and their blog. Their blog covers everything moon and moon jewelry related, from explaining the different lunar personalities, to bending an alternative fashion style to become work-appropriate, they touch here and there on just about everything.

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