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What is Moonglow?

Moonglow is a unique concept that brings jewellery to life!

Moonglow is a line of handcrafted jewellery that captures a special moment in time by finding and carefully depicting what the moon looked like on that day.

Pick any date you want to commemorate-the birth of a child, an anniversary, a graduation, or even when someone passed away - and find the exact moon phase through our moon phase calculator.

Once you have chosen your date , choose from our collection of bracelets, necklaces and more to carry your detailed hi-resolution image of your moon phase!

As an added feature, your moon will gently glow in the dark, reminding you of that special moment.

Moonglow is the 1st company in the world that has identified 18 of the most distinguishable moon phases perceivable to the human eye and correlated them for every day of the year from 1900 to 2050!!!

We call the process of showing someones his/her unique moon phase “Moonshining” and this is very interactive, educational and always has you feeling genuinely unique.

Some how, some way, there is often beautiful synchronicity between family members and their individual moon phases.

Moonglow is not ordinary jewellery, Moonglow is truly an experience.


“How do I care for my moon?” or “Can I go in the shower with my moon”

With any quality “costume” jewellery if you take it off before going to bed, the shower or ocean your moon pendant will last a long time.

Treat your moon pendant like your favourite pet, don’t leave it in a hot car.

Don’t expose your moon pendant to cleaning chemicals, alcohol based perfumes, chlorine, soaps, sunscreen, or shampoos because it will effect the surface of your moon image over time.

The occasional rub with a silver or gold polishing cloth can keep  your pendant bright and shiny for a very long time.


“Is there a warranty on your jewellery?”

We are a family run Australian business and if you feel you purchased an item that has a manufacturer's defect please give us the opportunity to do our best and make it right for you.

All Moonglow items come with a 30-day manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase. 

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase upon arrival, please notify us immediately and we will attempt to correct the situation for you. Let us try to fix the problem.

If you are still not satisfied we have a 14 day “No questions Asked” refund policy.

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear from everyday use, such as scratches, or the effects to the surfaces of your moon pendant for not having followed our “Care instructions” over the months and years of wearing your Moonglow Jewellery.


“What is it made of?”

Moonglow jewellery is made up of many quality metals like  pewter, sterling silver and non-tarnishing stainless steel that is “gilded” and/or  “bonded”  with silver and 18 karat gold that is 4 micron thick. The industry standard is  .5 micron. So we have the good stuff!!!

The majority of our pendants need the stainless steel to hold the magnet that our moon images connect with.

All our sterling silver and gold chains also have an E-Coating that creates a natural barrier between you and your skin making it non-reactive to even the most sensitive skin. 

The surface of the moon drops are made from epoxy resin; the same material that surf boards are made from.

We are indeed nickel free!


“Does Moonglow jewellery glow in the dark?”

All of our collection is designed to absorb any light in order to charge it. When placed in the dark, your moon jewellery will glow gently, mimicking the moon in the sky.


“Is my Moonglow magnetic? Is it safe to wear with a pacemaker?”

Our products may contain magnetic properties. Please consult with your doctor prior to wearing any of our jewellery. 


"Do you have a moon for every day?”

“That’s a good Question-There is only 18 phases of the moon that can be uniquely perceived by the human eye and we are the 1st company in the world that have correlated them for everyday of the year since 1900!!!!!!!”


"What does all of this mean?”

Some people want to know if the moon pendant has some special meaning for them and we have learned over the years that no matter what we say, it is subjective.

We used to get right into the esoteric Mumbo Jumbo but what we would rather do and where we believe the true magic of Moonglow lies is in the unspoken synchronicity of seeing other family members moons in relation to yours. 

“This is not a meaning business, it’s a feeling business!”

So have fun entering loved ones birthdates or significant dates into our unique moon phase calculator and see how they correlate with yours. This is where the goosebumps dwell!!!

If you are indeed one of those people that needs a deeper meaning for everything, rest assured:

“The benefit of wearing the moon when you took your first breath enhances your ability to connect with yourself and loved ones”.


Who came up with this idea?”

The MoonGlow concept originated out of French-Canada and the originator holds the Guinness Book of World records for being the fastest human calendar calculator in the world. His name is Luc Rousseau.


What are your shipping and return policies?

Our handcrafted costume jewellery is under warranty for any manufacturing defects for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. The warranty doesn’t cover damages caused by accidents or normal wear and tear. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we have a “No questions asked” 14 day refund policy.


Return postage must be covered by the buyer

** This excludes adhered or locked in pieces.

**Some items are “adhered” into place ie. “Stainless" bangles, Sterling “Lift off” or “Walk on the Moon” bracelets.

Please make sure you have the correct date as these products are non refundable.

There will be a message in the product description saying: This is a glued in piece and therefore is non refundable.



“Why doesn't my Moonglow piece have the logo on the back?”

Moonglow has been growing in popularity and unfortunately with this success there are some counterfeit products being sold online, at flea markets and other locations.

When you purchase from Moonglow you are supporting a team of “original” artists. To verify if your Moonglow is authentic, simply look for our logo on the back.


Do you sell anywhere else online?

Moonglow is sold through authorised retailers. We do not sell on 3rd party platforms such as Amazon or Ebay.


Where else can I buy besides your website?

Moonglow is sold in over 500 stores in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Goto the “Locations” tab to see where we are and where we are going


“How long will it take for my Moonglow item to be shipped once my order has been placed?”

Most orders placed after 9 AM Monday-Thursday will ship out within 24 hours of ordering but can take up to 3 days if the item needs to be crafted. (We do not ship Saturdays, Sundays, or major holidays.) Your order will be shipped via Australia Post unless you select an alternative shipping method. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship out on Monday.

Once shipped, orders in Australia are generally received within 1-3 business days for the Express option and 3-14 business days for Regular option. Transit times may increase if your order is being shipped to a rural address or during holidays.


“When was Moonglow created?”

We started in 2003 in Montreal, Canada where the jewellery originated and expanded into Australia in 2006. We now sell all over the world.


“I'm interested in carrying your product line in my store. How do I get started?”

Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire in the wholesale section of our website.

Once we have received your answers to our Questionnaire we love connecting with potential “Moonshiners” via your preferred video chat platform. We find this to be a very quick and informal way of getting to know each other and determine if we are a fit for one another. We have lots of different opportunities and available territories. With over 20 years in the woman accessory business we are confident that you will be able to share in our success.


“What else is included in my order when it arrives?”


Your jewellery will come in a quality jewellery drawer type box. You will also receive a super cool personality card that explains what the phases of the moon means in relation to all the dates you picked. Included in your order is a Moonglow Jewellery Certificate of Authenticity, Care instructions and a Warranty card.


Moonglow Core Values:



Being sincere and genuine is the stuff of magic and makes people feel that you care. Here at Moonglow we feel that the “sale” is an exchange of energy. Our overall idea is to create a relaxed and fun interaction and have the customer enjoy the process. We want them to walk away with more than just a pendant in their hands. We want them to have a story and a sense of wonder and amazement.

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