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I fell in love with Moonglow the first time I came across your booth at the State Fair. I come back to buy something new every year!

-Angela, Wisconsin

I wanted to give my wife something special when she gave birth to our beautiful son. She cried when I gave her a necklace with the moons of all three of our birthdays! I would never have thought of such a unique and personal gift.

-Sam, New York

I am very impressed, not only with your jewelry but with how kind and helpful everyone I spoke with was when I was trying to find the perfect gift for a friend who lost her son. A really wonderful experience!

-Laura, Colorado

Thank you so much for my Mother’s Moon, it represents the day she passed away last year. It means so much to me to have a piece of her with me throughout the holidays! Her Day of Passing Moon was the exact same as year Day of Birth Moon 64 years earlier. Thank you so much.

-Amy, California

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